further thoughts about working with dyslexia

After publishing my previous post, I thought a bit more on dyslexia and how it affects me day to day. I would say that there is a stark difference between how I function in a loud, busy environment, and a quiet, calm setting. When I am relaxed, listening to calming ambient music, or simply baskingContinue reading “further thoughts about working with dyslexia”

there is always a reason to keep going

I have struggled with mental health issues my whole life. Varying degrees of sporadic anxiety and depression have prevented me from achieving past goals, helping others, taking care of my physical health, enjoying a good social life, pursuing several career paths. I look back at most of my life and realise that these two darkContinue reading “there is always a reason to keep going”

the black rook will be published, plus the putrid hand launches

I have two massive updates. Firstly, my debut novel The Black Rook has been snapped up by a publisher and will be published in the near future. I’m so happy that the hard work that I poured into the project has paid off. I can barely put into words how much that means to meContinue reading “the black rook will be published, plus the putrid hand launches”