the black rook – update

I have finally finished my first edit run of The Black Rook with my publisher’s editor. It took me just over three weeks to complete, but it felt like much, much longer, I can tell you that!

Now that that manuscript has been done and dusted (for now), I can shift my attention toward other things. The main shadow that has been looming large over me for the past few weeks is the relaunch of my clothing brand, Putrid Hand. Now that I have a little bit extra spare time, I can devote my attention to the planning of this relaunch.

I’m so, so happy with The Black Rook. The novel is around a decade in the making (it was approximately 2012 when I started writing it), and the fictional world it is set in is much older than that. I think I was 9 or so when I started drawing maps of this fantasy world called Entros.

The Black Rook is my way of launching Entros as a setting. It’s an introduction to the world. The novel will (hopefully) be the first in a long series, and I’m already planning spin-offs.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here. I’m just incredibly excited to get the ball rolling.

There is still a lot of hard work left to do, and I will only be able to truly rest when it’s sat on book shop shelves (and even then, not really, as the marketing will begin).

Until then, I’m going to keep working hard. Publishing novels has always been my dream, and this is one major first step on the journey to meeting that goal.

Exciting things ahead.

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