When a mad monk whispers to Hanzus that someone poisoned his father, he rides at once to the monastery in haste. But as his father succumbs to the slow poison, he learns the assassin fled south to an inn called the Black Rook. With revenge in his heart, Hanzus travels in search of his father’s killer, cementing his name as the Baron Without Sorrow. And on the trail of revenge, he discovers secrets about his family he never knew.

Davey Cobb’s dramatic debut novel, The Black Rook, introduces readers to the dark, fantastical world of Entros. Follow “The Baron Without Sorrow” Hanzus Irvaye, his ale-loving servant Barrett Barrett, and the forsaken Bloodkin, Mavrian Morr, who has been exiled by her usurper uncle.

The Black Rook is out now!