I’m lacking motivation

Recently, I have been writing a lot about motivation and how stay motivated and inspired. Sadly, at the moment, I have been feeling the taut drag of demotivation. And as a consequence, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.

As I mentioned previously, I have finished my last edit of The Black Rook, and this has been sent back to the publisher. I will hear soon whether another substantial edit is required. Almost as soon as I sent the manuscript over to the editor – and subsequently I didn’t have any more pending deadlines – my productivity and creativity fell off the wagon.

I’m hoping that this is just a lull, and I’ll rediscover my spark soon. I believe there are several things that are causing this mental drought, but it has a lot to do with feeling defeated. I have been searching for a literary agent for well over a year now, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Not only that but I’m also finding the idea of restarting my clothing business to be terribly overwhelming, and I’m not sure where to begin.

Anyway, enough woe is me. I will ride this wave a little longer and hope that my mental state improves soon.

I hope that everyone else is doing well. February can be a tricky month, I think. January brings with it all of the hopes and dreams of the rest of the year ahead, whereas February is invariably when reality starts to seep in.

Perhaps March is when things will start to look brighter.

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