mini drawings = instant therapy

The other day I drew this small doodle (image below) in one of my pocket-sized notebooks that I carry around when I’m at work. It is only a simple drawing, as opposed to most of my other drawings, which can take me several hours to complete. I felt an instant sense of achievement when I finished this small, quick to complete drawing, mainly because I had produced something I was quite happy with in such a short space of time.

I always feel a sense of achievement when I complete a drawing, even those that never make it any further than sitting in my sketchbook, unseen to others. I guess that’s because I’ve done something that I love; I’ve managed to find the time to pour my soul into something. Even if it’s a low quality doodle, I still feel that same sense of fulfilment.

I have decided to produce a series of these small drawings. I’m also considering selling them online, as an affordable alternative to expensive NFTs or physical artwork – so that fans of my art style can own an original piece of my work.

Keep your eyes peeled to my etsy store and my social media accounts in the near future, as there will definitely be more of these miniature drawings coming your way.

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