berlin here I come

My partner and I are travelling to Berlin on Tuesday for a short getaway, to visit some of the art galleries and museums. She’s not been before but I have, and I’ve wanted to show her how cool the city is for a long time.

When I last went to Berlin back in 2017, I found the city incredibly inspiring. When I travelled there, I carried around a little moleskine notebook and used it to sketch some of the magnificent buildings, and jot down a few thoughts. That notebook means just as much as any of the photographs that I took during that trip, if not more. By reading through that book, I’m able to put myself in the mindset that I was in back then.

This is one of the reasons why I think it’s so important to write everything down in notebooks and journals. It’s a great way to look back on old memories and reflect. And often by reading through old notebooks, you rediscover things about the memories that you would have never garnered by looking at a photo, such as small details about the places you visited, and what was running through your head at the time.

I’m really looking forward to this Berlin trip, as I think it will be awe inspiring once again.

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