I’m feeling a lot better

I know that my last few blog posts have been pretty negative (with the exception of my last one). This is due in no small part to my mental state. As I’ve previously mentioned, I was feeling lost. I wasn’t doing the things I loved. I was dwelling in sadness. And I wasn’t really doing anything that would quell that sadness.

I’m happy to say, that’s no longer the case right now. I’ve picked up a few simple practices again, such as journaling, drawing, and going to the gym. They’re basic things, sure, but they’re things that make me happy.

Often in life, I find that it’s the small, simple things that make the largest difference. Take away a small, seemingly inconsequential pleasure and it will impact you negatively. It’s so important to do the things that make you happy. For me, that’s the only way to keep myself truly content.

I guess the one area that I am still struggling with, however, is knowing where to go with my creativity. I still plan to relaunch my clothing brand, The Putrid Hand, in the coming months, but I feel like I’ve lost all sense of purpose and direction with it. And my creative writing has taken a stumble, as I’m not quite sure what to write next.

These are things that I will work out in the coming days and weeks, I’m sure. The most important thing is that I’m now in a positive mental state to be able to think these things through again. A few days ago, I couldn’t have said that.

In other news, I’m heading to Berlin in a few days for a short city break. I’m so excited. I’ve been there before, a few years, and I found the city to be incredibly inspiring. I sketched a lot of drawings when I was there, so I hope that I feel as artistically inspired this time around.

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