visual art vs creative writing – when worlds collided

Having finally got my scanner working again (although it’s still being a bit temperamental), I have been creating a few new drawings to add to my illustration portfolio. I say that but a lot of these drawings I create just to upload to Instagram and Tiktok. I think it’s important to produce regular new contentContinue reading “visual art vs creative writing – when worlds collided”

dealing with grief

As I’ve said in several of my blog posts, 2021 was a real rollercoaster of a year for me. I had many victories (I landed a publishing deal for my first novel, and I travelled to Canada for the first time) but I also suffered a tremendous loss in the family. My dad passed away,Continue reading “dealing with grief”

the challenges of staying motivated

It’s something that we all suffer from at various points in our lives, whether it’s motivation at work or personal motivation at home. Motivation is often something that we can’t control – at least it can seem that way. Inspiration can feel like a sudden spark, motivating you to embark on a new project orContinue reading “the challenges of staying motivated”

writing update – and some thoughts about confidence

At present, I am still working through my edits for my upcoming debut novel, The Black Rook. Slowly but surely I’m getting there. The manuscript is around 460 pages, and I have just passed the page-100 mark. I remember when I came to edit the novel at the beginning of Britain’s first lockdown in 2020.Continue reading “writing update – and some thoughts about confidence”

the moment I lost my creativity – and how I got it back

After writing my last blog post, I’ve had time to ruminate on the events that I spoke about. I remember that after I had graduated university with a disappointing 2:2 mark for my BA, I immediately blamed myself for making the wrong decisions with my further education. I looked back at the crossroads that IContinue reading “the moment I lost my creativity – and how I got it back”

the art of the sketchbook – and how keeping one helped me become a better writer

Ever since I was a fresh-faced college student embarking on the first project of my Graphic Design course, I loved the process of sketchbooking. Sketchbooks are places where you can capture your thoughts and ideas, collate your research, and experiment with new mediums and practices. It’s similar to keeping a journal, in as much asContinue reading “the art of the sketchbook – and how keeping one helped me become a better writer”