Like Pigs – update

I feel like I’m starting to gather some momentum with my writing again. Specifically, with my Like Pigs project.

Recently, I set out with the intention of increasing the word count from approximately 40,000 words to a more conventional 60,000 words. The main reason for this is because I believe that one of the reasons I have been struggling to find a literary agent to pick up the project is that the word count, for what Like Pigs is, is woefully short.

Also – and this reason can’t be overlooked – I believe that the manuscript needs a bit of padding out. There are areas I believe would benefit from being extended. There are also some additional scenes that I would like to add, which I think will make for greater context to the overall narrative.

I know what some people will be thinking at this point. “If, by your own admission, the story can be made better by being extended, why didn’t you write it longer in the first place?”

Well, the answer to that question is simple. When I started writing Like Pigs, my aim was to write a short piece. A short novel was what I was aiming for. Something hard-hitting and quick, like a fast boxing match, full of action but over before you know it. I didn’t, however, want Like Pigs to fall into the category of being a novella, for that was never the intended product that I sought to create. However, upon reflection, I can see that the manuscript does read a lot like a novella.

All being well, transforming Like Pigs into a 60,000 word novel will not take me too much time. I have other projects that I want to work on this year, so hopefully my Spring won’t be consumed by this project alone.

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