Changes Abound

Once again, my life exists in a state of constant flux. In just over two months, I will be moving with my partner to New Brunswick, Canada. It’s going to be a challenging move, as I’ve only ever lived in the north of England. But it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to facing. I’m excited for a change of scenery, to meet new people, and to work in a new place.

In terms of my creative work, however, it does mean that I am having to put a lot of stuff on hold. I am finding the time to write short form fiction and poetry, but anything more substantial is having to be shelved for the time being. This means delaying the draft of Like Pigs that I had started working through, and also the sequel to The Black Rook.

The Black Rook itself, however, is still steaming ahead with the publisher’s editing team, and so will hopefully still be released in 2022.

As soon as I am set up in Canada, which should be mid-to-late June, I will turning my attentions back to all of my creative pursuits. Once I am in Canada, I will be focussing on my creative writing and illustrative work. So, expect big things from me in the latter half of 2022!

From now until June, I will be focussing on spending time with friends and family in the U.K. (and the slow, arduous process of packing, of course).

Like I said, I will be continuing to produce short form creative writing. You can find much of this on my Medium profile:

Thanks for reading. I hope everybody else’s Spring is going well!

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