have I lost my way?

I’ve been struggling lately. There’s no getting around it. Things haven’t improved much since my last blog post.

The main thing that I’m struggling with is a newfound inability to begin. I know it’s often said that starting something is half the effort. I seldom struggled with starting things in the past; it was keeping the momentum going that I always struggled with. But recently I have been finding the task of lifting up my pen or opening a book impossible.

I’m not sure why. It probably has something to do with personal issues seeping into my professional practice. I know that there are multiple things I could be working on; it’s not as if I have the sort of writer’s block where you’re not sure what to write. I’m struggling to even open my sketchbook and draw a picture.

I had thought that I needed a break, but it feels like I’ve been on a break from my art for a few weeks now.

I’m hoping that things improve soon, though I’m not sure how they will. March will be an opportunity for another fresh start.

I’m going to Berlin for a couple of nights at the beginning of March, so perhaps the city will inspire me to start working again.

But who knows.

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