life update

A lot has happened since my last post, much of which I don’t want to go into too much detail about. The important thing to focus on is that I am back doing what I love: drawing and writing. Creating.

I have finished my master’s degree now, which is both a frightening as well as a liberating experience. The story that was my final project for my course, entitled ‘Like Pigs’, is a piece that I’m aiming to transform into a full-length novel. That will be a lot of work, but a challenge that I’m excited about.

In much more personal news, recently I have been dealing with the passing of my father. I can’t even begin to describe how horrible that feels, which is ironic considering I’m a writer. In truth, there are some things, some emotions and experiences, for which words simply can’t do justice. The important thing is that I am coming to terms with what happened, slowly, and I’m trying my utmost to learn how to proceed.

You may have noticed that my website looks a little different now. That is largely due to the prolonged period that I spent away from it. It really took me being away for so long to realise just how much my previous design echoed the way I approached my creativity in the past. That’s not to say that my style has changed all that much – in fact, I don’t believe it’s altered much at all – all I’m saying is that my mentality has shifted. I want to achieve so much with my writing, and yet I’ve barely even begun.

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