the demon procrastination

Productivity can be a fickle beast. Often I find myself procrastinating for hours, so much so that by the time I finally sit down at my laptop, I realise I don’t have enough time to focus on my writing. I rarely sit at my screen unsure what to write. That type of writer’s block seemingly doesn’t affect me. The thing that stops me from writing is, and always has been, my own brain finding distractions at every corner, focusing itself on unimportant noise.

The answer therefore seems obvious. All I need to do is to force myself to sit down and start writing. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately I find that impossible at times. Time can be my worst enemy, and before I know it the thing that I had been distracting myself with has taken three hours of my time.

The worst part of all this is the guilt that I’m stricken with after wasting my time with something that isn’t my writing. I feel bad that I have been under-productive, and then the resulting bad mood means that I’m even less productive, and that usually leads to me doing nothing at all. It’s a frustrating cycle.

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