I’m Back in the U.K.!

After much preparation, packing, and a whole load of travelling, I am once again residing in the U.K.

My partner and I have moved to London to pursue work opportunities, and are still in the process of settling in (and literally moving in, as we haven’t moved into our apartment yet!). I’m hoping that once we’re set up in our new place, I will find the time to continue my creative pursuits. I haven’t been able to spend very much time at all on either my writing, illustrating, or painting, because of the big move back to England from Canada.

My plan for The Black Rook is to market with renewed vigour now that I’m in London. I’m hoping to find some independent bookshops that might be interested in stocking it. If any of you have any suggestions or know anywhere in or around London that are on the lookout for indie authors, please do let me know!

For now, my main focus is to settle into my new surroundings, but at the earliest opportunity I will be embarking on my next big writing project and also setting myself up in the new apartment with a space to create artwork, so watch this space.

5 thoughts on “I’m Back in the U.K.!

  1. I hope you find more opportunities with being back in The UK. I plan to get The Black Rook and read it this year as I have been finishing Hayden Moore’s Novel as well. I wish the best for you Davey!


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