exciting things ahead (hopefully)

Whenever I start writing a blog post, I aim to provide good news, happy news, or else put a positive spin on whatever it is I want to talk about. In truth, I should just write whatever I want to write about. So, here goes …

I’m currently facing a few minor setbacks with my creative work. Adjusting to a new work schedule has provided new challenges to the daily and weekly routine, and once again I’m finding to tricky to simply sit down and write. I hate to use the term writer’s block, as I believe it’s used to describe several different, disparate things. I simply haven’t had the time to just sit down and write, as I’ve got so much going on.

I’m currently in the very early stages of launching my clothing brand, The Putrid Hand. I created the brand earlier last year, but I wasn’t really satisfied with what I was producing. And so, my plan is to relaunch the brand with a fresh feel, whilst remaining true to my original vision. This, of course, has taken up much of my recent thoughts.

Speaking in creative writing, I am currently in Limbo with several projects. The last novel that I wrote, a dystopian thriller called Like Pigs, is still languishing in the waiting room while I find it a home.

I’m certainly still feeling positive about the year ahead, but maintaining the motivation to power through with these all of these pending projects is proving tough.

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