the black rook will be published, plus the putrid hand launches

I have two massive updates. Firstly, my debut novel The Black Rook has been snapped up by a publisher and will be published in the near future. I’m so happy that the hard work that I poured into the project has paid off. I can barely put into words how much that means to me (not a great sign that I can’t word something, considering I’m a writer).

Secondly, I have launched my own collection blind clothing store, called Putrid Hand Apparel, which can be found at This will be a creative playground for my illustration work, and gives any fans of my art or creative writing to own a little piece of my visual work and represent my new brand.


Heartless is my latest t-shirt design (also available as a crewneck sweatshirt). The drawing itself took me about 4/5 hours to complete, making it one of my most detailed illustrations to date.

Above, you can see the drawing before the colouring began. It was very rewarding to see the image come to life, and I feel as if my drawing skills have improved a lot in recent years. I am very thankful to myself that I decided to give my creative pursuits a real go when the UK entered its first lockdown last year.

I’m starting to see the possibilities of where my art and creative writing can take me. Even in just a year, I’ve achieved quite a bit. And I’m only getting started!

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