You fight in wars
declared indoors,
under the table
we applaud,
the freedom fable
is gifted, sold,
the battle is over
when you are told.

We weaponise
the blind and brave,
we educate
the deaf, depraved,
we colonise
the lands unscathed
then marketise
the earth we save
and pacify
with songs of praise
and nullify
with want and wage.

You struggle on,
you sacrifice,
you graft to live
as others die,
you wait for payday
and then it arrives,
the hand that feeds
burns hope alive,
but life demands
a purpose, more,
so hearts divide,
call you a whore,
so you zip your coat,
dress like the horde,
you nod when told,
make love to their laws,
but happiness grates,
it nibbles, gnaws
till you’re raw and rotten
and wail at your lords,
you decry their greed
and all their wars
that generate wealth
and cull the proud poor,
but they mutter witchcraft
and raise their proud flag,
so the poor aim their guns
at the transgressive hag
and the anthem is sung
and the hotdogs are served
and the children dance
as witchcraft is burned.

© Davey Cobb 2023 All Rights Reserved

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