Writing Update – August was a productive month

Throughout August my focus centred on completing the first draft of my third novel, Human Zoo. I did so in a bit of a hurry. I sped through those last few chapters. I was determined to get the draft done and dusted, so I could move onto the editing stage as quickly as possible. Despite its rough, rushed appearance (show me a first draft that isn’t rough), I’m really happy with the story I wrote. As of the 1st of September, I began editing Human Zoo. Currently, I’ve edited 2 chapters out of 31. And considering that the manuscript will need multiple edit runs, it won’t be finished overnight.

The second project I’ve been working on is my debut novel, The Black Rook, which will be published sometime soon. This novel is in the latter stages of its editing process, so we’re nearly there!

I also started work on the sequel to The Black Rook at the beginning of this month (as of yet untitled). I’m glad to be writing fantasy fiction again. I am struggling with writing in the third-person, however, I have to be honest. The last two novels I wrote were in the first-person perspective, and so that’s what I’m not accustomed to. Still, I don’t to limit myself to always writing in the same perspective, so I want to keep myself on my toes by dabbling in both!

I have also been keeping up with my art practice. Been doing a lot of acrylic painting on canvas. Recently, I’ve painted a few abstract pieces, like this one pictured above. I find abstract painting incredibly therapeutic, as it’s a way for me to express myself without definable images or words. I often find it the case that the deeper concepts and emotions that my mind conjures up are difficult – if not impossible – to translate to words. This is where abstract art comes into play for me. Complex thoughts and emotions that even I can’t define or explain can be explored when splattering paint to canvas. There’s also something I find aesthetically pleasing about abstract work, and aesthetics definitely play a part in my selection of colour and brushstrokes.

I’m taking this weekend off from creative work, however. My partner and I are travelling down to the family cottage in St Andrews, New Brunswick, for some much needed and deserved tlc.

Next week, I intend to carry August’s momentum into the new month, by juggling the Human Zoo and Black Rook’s sequel novel projects. I’m also going to keep on experimenting with my art practice.

I hope you all have a wonderful September! This month is always pretty special to me. I love watching the summer wilt into autumn/fall. Makes me want to snuggle up with a horror movie or a good book in bed.

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