the challenges of staying motivated

It’s something that we all suffer from at various points in our lives, whether it’s motivation at work or personal motivation at home.

Motivation is often something that we can’t control – at least it can seem that way. Inspiration can feel like a sudden spark, motivating you to embark on a new project or to finally finish that arduous task that has been on your mind for the last few days.

Have you ever come up with an idea and felt that immense surge of mental energy, eager to complete a thousand things all at once?

Inspiration can hit at the most random times – seemingly – but far more difficult is it to maintain that level of enthusiasm and excitement throughout the duration of a project or task.

I often find it true that I will burst onto the scene with a multitude of great ideas – and sometimes I’ll even know exactly how I will implement them. But slowly but surely, after a bit of time has elapsed, I’ll lose my spark and feel uninspired and unmotivated.

I have heard it said that the way to beat writer’s block is to turn your attention to other things, to refocus your attentions elsewhere, and then come back to the project you’ve been struggling with later on, refreshed and with brand new eyes.

I find that to be the case with other areas in life, also. Feeling burnt out is only natural. You need to allow yourself time to breathe, time to think. Lack of motivation can, I believe, be a symptom of being overworked.

So, allow yourself the time to relax and recalibrate your thoughts, and perhaps that motivation you so desperately seek will return to you.

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