putridity is live

That’s right. I’ve finally published my first novelette, Putridity, which is now available on Amazon. (Just search “Davey Cobb”).

Crafting it certainly wasn’t easy. I wrote most of it whilst having to endure the constant drilling and hammering of the builders working on the unit next door to our flat. There was a time when I considered that what I’d created might be nonsensical and surreal, due to my lack of concentration. But after spending one long day performing a post-mortem on the story I’d spawned, I managed to edit it into something resembling a polished novelette. At least, I hope I did.

Putridity follows First Mate of the HMS Temper, Ludlow Grante, a rather luckless young man who, like the rest of the crew, fears his captain more than death. Death, as it happens, would be a welcome alternative to the life he’s enduring… that’s to say, death would be quite nice if he wasn’t certain he would end up in Oblivion – the great vacuum of nothingness where spirits go to die.

I’ve also included at the back of the book a one-page preview of my first novel The Black Rook, which is still coming soon.

I aim for Putridity to be the catalyst for many more cool things to come, so watch this space.

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