bleeding eyes

2021 had a bit of a slow start for me, in terms of my art. I’d reinvigorated my passion for drawing during the first lockdown last year (the less said about that time the better), but more than anything, the reason I did so was simply to pass the time. After all, I was furloughed from my job and I didn’t have much else to do.

2021 was a very different story. By the time the new year rolled in I had started to take my work very seriously. But even so, I’d burned myself out due to there being so much going on in my life at once.

To get back into the routine of drawing, I began with some quick doodles, and before long I was finding (or rather making) time for larger pieces.

The first of these larger works was Bleeding Eyes, which describes a lot that was going on in my mind at the time. The humanoid subject is a Bloodkin – one of the races found within the world of Entros – and as you can tell, the Bloodkin isn’t very happy. To add an additional dimension, though, blood is a sacred component in Bloodkin belief. It contains the Bloodkin’s soul, and so, many devout followers of the Faith of the Twins practice bloodletting of the self as an offering to their gods. Followers of the Faith believe that by bequeathing a portion of their blood – and therefore a portion of their soul – to the Twins, they are ensuring their connection to the gods remains intact, so that upon death they may co-exist with the deities.

Creating this piece has inspired me to blend my creative writing and illustration worlds again in the future. I might create a series of drawings that explores the Bloodkin and their faith.

I currently have for sale the original drawing of Bleeding Eyes on my Etsy account, as well as a limited run of prints. For information regarding how to purchase either, please visit my Instagram account: @daveycobbart

I hope everyone’s well. I know that this is a strange time of year where you find yourself waiting for the summer to arrive, and that feeling is amplified by the covid lockdowns and restrictions. If you require a friendly chat, no questions asked, you can either contact me via my website or by direct messaging my Instagram account.

Stay safe, Davey

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