visceral imagery

This is my latest drawing, Distress, which I’d describe as fine art rather than an illustration. And like many of my more emotive, swiftly-drawn pieces, the themes and subject of the portrait are undefined.

Indeed, I find that drawing without a particular subject or theme in mind is often the best way to describe a fleeting thought or feeling. I rarely know what the result is going to be, going in to one of these drawings, and so I often learn something about myself by the end of the experience.

This form of drawing is vital when more defined modes of communication – such as writing and illustrating – are too explicit, and I want to explore a sensation more subtly. I suppose, in a way, I approach these drawings like an abstract painting, allowing my subconscious to guide me.

I am eventually going to set up a visual gallery of my artwork here on the website, but until then I hope you enjoy my latest drawing Distress here on my blog.

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