I may be a little bit late to the blogging game, but . . .

I have never had a blog in my life, which may seem crazy to some. Some more may ask why I decided to create a blog in the first place (seen as they’re so terribly unfashionable nowadays). That question may well go forever unanswered, or perhaps the answer will be found somewhere herein . . .

Latest Posts

visceral imagery

This is my latest drawing, Distress, which I’d describe as fine art rather than an illustration. And like many of my more emotive, swiftly-drawn pieces, the themes and subject of the portrait are undefined. Indeed, I find that drawing without a particular subject or theme in mind is often the best way to describe a … Continue reading visceral imagery

a new beginning

I can finally say I’ve started writing my second novel, which, coincidentally, is the sequel to the first. I’ve yet to find a publisher for The Black Rook, and at the rate I’m going by the time it’s published I’ll have completed the sequel. The Black Rook deals with themes and issues very personal to … Continue reading a new beginning


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