I may be a little bit late to the blogging game, but . . .

I have never had a blog in my life, which may seem crazy to some. Some more may ask why I decided to create a blog in the first place (seen as they’re so terribly unfashionable nowadays). That question may well go forever unanswered, or perhaps the answer will be found somewhere herein . . .

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a return to sanity

The past few weeks have been quite chaotic for me, even by my own wacky standards. The resulting noise of all of these personal distractions has meant that I have been unable to focus on what I really love: my writing and my art. Slowly but surely, I have made a return to both my … Continue reading a return to sanity


I’m currently working on two fiction pieces right now: Like Pigs, which comments on several ethical and societal issues, such as animal meat consumption, over-population, and what (if anything) makes us better or worse, as a species, than the rest of nature. I realise this is going to be a massive piece of work, and … Continue reading update


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